The drumming was amazing! We ALL loved it. Very engaging & kept us all entertained for the whole time. We had a camera & we filmed our final performance – our Chairman has watched it twice already laughing hysterically – I don’t know when he has even found the time to watch this, his diary is packed, but he won’t stop watching it….

— Catherine, Movement Strategies

Totally wild and exhilarating!

“It was a totally wild, exhilarating experience and everyone felt totally at ease letting go. The guys at Tower 42 will talk about this for a very long time.”

— Jon Webb, Webb Development

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“I thought your level of engagement and enthusiasm was key to making our evening a big success. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would like to do some more!”

— London Based Client


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“Energy and positivity!”

I simply had not reckoned with the energy and positivity that could be created when 20 people get together and work hard to create a sound like this…

— MASH Staffing, London

“Great and very unique!”

I absolutely loved the guys with the instruments. Felt empowered, fun and got us all in the mood for the awards.

Enjoyable, fun, lively. Not much you can do with 300 people in a room but they did a fab job.

— Northern Gas, Newcastle

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