Gallup, The Shard, London

Client Brief: We have a high profile client and I’d like to bring you in and use the drumming as a means of a fun way to deliver specific business messages we have been working on.

Delivery: 1.5 hour drumming team building experience at Southwark Cathedral, London. (Right by the clients offices at The Shard)

Testimonial: Delivery was so bang on, The client then booked us for an international event the following month.

Central London Bank Drumming

Client Brief: We are looking for 4 to 6 events per month for every one of our new recruits to experience as part of their induction into our company. Are you able to deliver?

Delivery: 1 year of 1 hour events in Central London, each event starting at the same time, closing their day of theory and coaching.

Testimonial: “Thank you so much for all the work you have done with our colleagues!“

Drumming Conference in Saudi Arabia

Client Brief: We have a client in Saudi looking for a high impact, high energy team building experience for their team of upper management and also operational staff on two separate days in Saudi. what can you do for us?

Delivery: 2 x interactive team building experiences for 65 people on each occasion.

Conference in Prague

Client Brief: We need high energy drumming for an information-intensive conference in Prague.

Delivery: Reception drumming to greet guests and guide them to the conference room from their coffee and breakfast. Drumming “stingers” to introduce each new speaker throughout the day.

Interactive drumming sessions on day 2 to fire up the delegates for each theory session.

One grand finale interactive drumming experience with all 100 delegates to close the day on a massive high!

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