All of our drumming teambuilding facilitators are highly skilled with years of experience, learned at the source. Our drummers have studied drumming in Cuba, Brazil, The Gambia, Guinea and many other countries. The drummers and teambuilding facilitators you will work with at your event are all performing musicians in their own right and have a strong commitment to musical performance and their own professional musical development. This means your facilitators are more than just teambuilding hosts, they are musicians giving you an experience that is both accessible and musical.

We are a company in existence to share drumming with the world through events and team building.

All of the instruments we provide for you are of the highest quality, are well maintained and are tuned prior to your event so you will experience drumming teambuilding with professional equipment. In fact, the drums you will experience are actually the same drums used as part of our stage shows so you know your instrument will be inspiring to play.

In the context of the business environment, our aim is to share a exciting, rewarding, and engaging drumming experience with you.

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